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Community, creativity,
comfort & more

We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us inspire us to take action, to grow, to do better.


Open spaces

25 Seats just for you.


Hours a day

Cowork a full 10 hours or 1 we can help.



Want to meet other local business owners? Come join us at a meetup.


+ Valued Members

It's simple!

Our services

Beautiful setting, amazing comfort, fiber optic internet, modern lounge, central heating and cooling, top notch location right off exit 2 in Salem, NH,… creative spaces.

Lounge Space

Carefully handpicked wide ranges of books, magazines, xbox, and TV free for you to use as part of our lounge plan. Enjoy some relax time, catch some fun with game or boost your knowledge with business books.

Open Concept

Our floor plan is open concept to optimize the feel and rush of productivity.

Handicap Accessbile

We are located on the second floor, and we have an elevator. We have areas in our space where a wheel chair can safely lounge, use a computer or a dedicated desk.

Mix of Spaces

We offer a wide choice of desks and lounge areas.

Fiber Internet

Yes we have all the bandwidth you need with no speed restrictions.


Kick back your feet on a couch during break time, take a nap in our comfortable chairs or eat a snack and play chess at our tables.


Wired would like to thank our customers and family who helped make Wired a success. We are set to close on 8/1/2021. We are still open to existing customers however in order to maintain proper social distancing we are not accepting new customers at this time.

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