Wired Tech Lounge is the result of an effort to craft a mosaic of dreams, technology & innovation. We have a mission to inspire togetherness. We bring freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, creatives and small businesses together under one roof to work, create and collaborate. 

We believe the home is where you should relax and spend time with the family as the office is a place where you should work to create those dreams.


Coworking to us simply means creating a culture where it is the norm to help each other out, and there are many opportunities to do so; the variety of workers in the space means that coworkers have unique skill sets that they can provide to other members. We consider ourselves as much a hospitality company as we do a workspace provider.

We are a bit.. different

Our founders are engineers and have successfully grown multiple technology and marketing companies. So you would imagine we have engineered a small space to be largely incredible. In our business life we have always worked a little different…. start small grow and grow again. Our primary location at 2 Manor Parkway is our first space at only 1600 SQ FT and we hope it enables you to co-work a little different just like us.



  • 1.be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a purpose or result, especially in one’s job; do work:


  • 1.bring (something) into existence:




  • 1.to work, one with another; cooperate